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Hey everybody, I am about to have oral surgery tomorrow, and most likely won’t feel like writing for a few days.  But I did want to pause and extend some resources for those who might be interested in some of the same types of stuff that I have found helpful.

NOTE:  The majority of these are CHRISTIAN based ministries.  If that’s not your thing, that’s cool and I’m still glad to have you here, and I hope you’ll still keep reading.  But these things are part of what I believe, and this is what I have found to be vital in my recovery journey.  I can only share what I know, and what I have.  If you prefer to seek help and healing in other ways, these links won’t be for you.  If you find religious words and talk about God or Jesus or Christ to be triggering, you may need to proceed with caution if you choose to investigate the links.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I have not thoroughly read every page connected to every link I’ve listed here.  I am familiar with some, but nowhere close to all.  So please do not consider this list to be a personal endorsement or recommendation on my part.  Those I could heartily personally endorse and recommend sadly have to be withheld from the list because of their proximity and potentially identifying factors due to the area they’re located in, etc.  I’m not aware of any readers close by, anyhow, so those resources are probably moot.  But there are many awesome organizations throughout the USA that may have what you need. Ultimately if you feel you need help you should seek the appropriate resources in your area.  If you cannot find a resource, email me and let me know what you’re trying to find.  IF I can help, I will.  This does not mean email me without even trying.  You can Google faster than I can because once I post this, I won’t have computer/wifi access for 5 days.  It’ll just be me and my bitty little iPhone.  But if you’ve tried everything you can think of and STILL can’t find a resource, I can **try** to help.  Thanks for understanding.  🙂

ONE MORE ADDITIONAL NOTE (are you annoyed yet?!):  All of these links are working as of the posting of this blog.  If one of them goes down in the future, please email me OR comment, and let me know.  Cheers. ~J8

The Life Model – Trauma and Recovery

Joy Starts Here (An offshoot of Life Model Works)

Connexus (somehow related to Thrive, but not sure how…)

Thrive – Relational Skill Training

The Immanuel Approach (one of a variety of inner healing prayer techniques useful in trauma recovery)

Dr. Karl D. Lehman and Charlotte E. T. Lehman – Information about Emotional Healing, etc

Kingdom Formation

Equipping Hearts, with Ed Khouri

Restoration in Christ Ministries, with Diane Hawkins – specifically geared toward survivors of severe abuse and those with D.I.D.

From God’s Heart – Unpacking the Gift of the Sensitive Life (a resource to help those who would like to help others)

The Exchanged Life Ministries, Colorado

Grace Ministries International

Theophostic Prayer Ministry

HeartSync Ministries, Andy Miller

You can also go to and look up Ed Khouri and Jim Wilder for a lot of short videos on trauma, recovery, addictions, The Life Model, Thrive, and a ton of other topics.

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