The Void: dissociation, amnesia, and identity

Instead of quoting the entire post, I’m re-blogging because it’s just such a well-written, clear description of some of the lesser known struggles of multiples. Even those who are not multiples sometimes struggle with a cohesive sense of self and their own story. I could relate to almost everything written here, but I’ve never been able to describe it so concisely. Even just last night I found myself in a conversation with someone (who doesn’t know I’m a multiple) and she described an experience last week of temporarily losing her sense of self. “I lost myself,” she stated, with eyes wide at the horror of it. I couldn’t quite keep the tears out of my eyes at that point, because the phrase “I lost myself” could essentially summarize my entire existence, with the idea of one day somehow “finding” myself being the only shred of hope I’ve been able to cling to, all this time. Perhaps one day I will. Perhaps it will be a homecoming, of sorts. But perhaps, as Sarah suggests, it’s more of a journey than a destination. Cheers. ~J8

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