Update and Upcoming Changes

Hey everybody,

I hope you’re enjoying the season, whatever that looks like for you.  I wanted to let everyone know of some possible changes in the works.  I am in process of investing in some ways to monetize this blog, so I wanted to share the information with you.  First and foremost I wanted you to know that the reason for my doing this is pretty simple, and I think you’ll understand and agree with why I’m looking into the possibility. My primary reason is that I already have a full-time day job in an industry that I really don’t care much about (insurance), and furthermore, although I hold my own, I’m honestly not even that good at it.  I love the company because of the people in it, but that’s pretty much where my enjoyment and loyalty starts and ends. And since this day job is my primary source of income, I have to put the tasks of that job ahead of everything else during the work day – ahead of everything else including this blog and the many online support groups/forums I’m a part of.  If I had my way, I would earn a living doing a few things I actually love, which is writing and engaging with survivors and those who support them.  By monetizing the blog, I’m taking a tentative step to see if this might be possible.  If it could ever happen at all, it won’t be immediate. It will take some time and after-hours work from me, which I’m more than willing to do if it means I might possibly one day be able to work less at something I don’t love and more with what I do love – which is, in part, all of you.  🙂  <3

Some things may change slightly around here; although I’m fairly computer savvy, I’m not an expert, so I don’t know yet if I’ll be moving domains or not. Probably so, but I have to clarify that part of things.  I’ll make sure to let everyone know if a move needs to happen.

You may also start seeing more ads, or different ads, or a different format, here.

Also, the final change is that I am going to be adding a “Donate” button to the blog, which can be found in the menu at the top of the page. From a mobile device, I believe you have to tap the “Menu” button at the top of the homepage to display the other pages (including the Donate page). On a PC it should be viewable from the blog’s homepage without doing anything. WordPress doesn’t seem to allow a “Donate” button widget…that I can find…so I’m not sure how else to do it here except to provide the PayPal email address in case you want to send a monetary gift.  I will not regularly ask you for money.  I hate that, so I will never do that to you.  If I’d had to pay for every helpful thing I’ve ever received, I’d never have healed even to this point. I just want to provide a way so that **if** you have extra money that you **want** to give somewhere, and **if** you’ve ever gained anything useful or helpful by reading anything I’ve written, you have the option to give a gift to help enable me to keep doing what I love, which is helping others by writing.

If you choose to donate, these are the things your money will be going toward:

  • the yearly cost of the domain hosting and site/audience building tools
  • the monthly cost of wifi – I currently don’t have wifi at home (can’t afford it on my income), but if I did have it at home, I could write more often rather than sneaking posts in at work, and I could interact more in Facebook groups. I basically don’t interact much from home because my eyes get tired of staring at the tiny screen of my smart phone.
  • daily living expenses such as rent, groceries, and gas for my car
  • eventually – if I were to be able to make an actual living from the website/blog, I’d use any extra money to buy training materials to further my understanding of how to help survivors heal from trauma, attend conferences, and donate to those who are currently still helping me in my own healing process

If and when we get to that point, I will be glad to provide a yearly financial analysis for anyone who wants to see specifically what money was spent where.  Although I would expect that point to be very far from today. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post or email me.  Here’s to 2015.

If you would like to donate today, the email address to use is my regular email address:  talktoj8@gmail.com

This blog has had almost 5,000 hits since May, which encourages my heart to see. If everyone who has visited just gave $1, it would enable me to jump start the entire monetization process.

Happy New Year!


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