Survivor Advocacy and Activism

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Hey everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I’ve been doing a few other things and haven’t had much time to post.  In case there’s anyone who isn’t aware of the petition going on right now, I started a petition on to ask for the requirements for Master’s level psych degrees to change. I believe everyone seeking these degrees needs to be required to complete an in depth study of trauma and dissociation.  I don’t think it matters what field or what career they’re wanting to pursue. Everyone on this education path needs to be informed of the effects of trauma and dissociation so they can better serve their clients.

Please go here to sign the petition, and please share, share, share!! Share on FB, share via email, word of mouth, etc. Tell people why it matters. Help them understand. Comment with your story on it, if you’d like to.

When the petition is over, I have a form letter that I’ll be writing (or it may end up being an email to save postage and paper cost) to send to every dean in the US who offers a Master’s in psychology at their college.

I’d really love to see a thousand+ signatures on this petition. I’m not sure that anything less is really going to make much of an impact, but thousands joining together to ask for change will be noted and cause the college faculties to sit up and pay attention. We have some big names on it already, which makes me extremely happy. Please share this with everyone you know. And if you have the money, please promote the petition so it gets an ad for more exposure. I’d dearly love to, but I don’t have the funds right now.

I’m also seeking ideas for what, exactly and specifically, would help trauma survivors in the healing process. I’m going to be writing some grant proposals to take to some of the trauma institutes but I need to know what to ask for. First and foremost, most people I know who are recovering from S/RA, PTSD, and dissociative disorders, have a ton of medical bills. I’ll be asking for grants to help with those. (Asking doesn’t mean they will say yes, but if they say no, we’re no worse off.)  What else would help?  I’ve given it a ton of thought, but I need more input. I know that for those trying to exit the cult, putting them all together in a “safe house,” would be anything but. So that’s a bad idea. But what are good ideas?

My own experience leads me to believe that the absolute best thing for survivors is to be embraced by their communities, which is extremely challenging due to lack of awareness and information about the issues we face. I’d like to change this, either by passing information in the form of written materials, or some other way I haven’t thought of. You guys are some of the most brilliant minds in the population, even if you don’t know or believe that yet. What do YOU think would help?  I’m willing to do the legwork but I need a goal first before I can aim for something. Please join the conversation. Comment, email me (talktoj8@gmail), find me on Facebook and message me, or get in touch however you prefer, if you have ideas to share.

Another thing everyone can do is speak or write to whoever is currently in your circle of influence. If it’s a governor, senator, college dean, pastor, or whoever. Whatever you see that’s not working, or working badly, ask them for change. If they need info, point them to my blog or any other blog or website out there that you most identify with as a good resource for education about your particular situation. This is not a competition. I have a Resource page; I don’t care about page views, I care about seeing people get the help they need and changing the American culture to make trauma and dissociation more widely accepted and understood. Help me. Every person and every voice matters.  Cheers. ~J8

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    ridicuryder on June 1, 2015 Reply

    Go Jade!

    Your clean, straightforward expressions are helping to highlight the issues survivors face. Keep at it, your approach is needed. 🙂


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    Sara on June 29, 2015 Reply

    Hi. how is the petition going for you and hopes its going well too. Keep up the good excellent work!

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