What is a Prayer Facilitator?

What is a Prayer Facilitator?

**TW**  Please be advised that this is an entirely Chr*stian post.
















If you’re pseudo-familiar with my healing journey, you know I don’t work primarily with a DID therapist. I work with people whose formal title would (I guess) be “prayer facilitators.”  This is my preference, and this is the route I have chosen. I don’t claim it to be the best thing for everyone out there, because it probably isn’t. Everyone has to decide whether they need therapy, what they want to achieve, and what kind of person they want to work with.

It’s okay to not know the answers to all of these things up front. Ideally, in the process of finding someone to work with, you will find someone that can help you think through these questions and develop goals that you’re comfortable with, as well as a plan to get there.

For me, I wanted to work with prayer facilitators. That’s what I chose, because that’s what I’m most comfortable with. It aligns with my beliefs and my experience. So what are they, exactly?

The shortest definition of a prayer facilitator – those who work in the capacity that I’m familiar with – is someone who can help you connect to God when you otherwise cannot do it on your own…or if you struggle more often than not, when trying to do it alone…and it’s not a reliable thing you can do regularly. There are various ways the prayer facilitator does this, the techniques of which are often referred to as types of inner healing prayer ministry. Each prayer facilitator will have their own training and preferences on what methods they use.

The main reason it is considered wise to utilize a prayer facilitator is that we often have layers of denial and subconscious defense mechanisms – of which we are most often unaware – that prevent us from connecting with God on our own. Prayer facilitators, if they are any good at it, will know how to help you get around those obstacles in a way that honors the whole person, including every part of you on the inside.

The most widely known types of inner healing prayer ministry are: Sozo, Immanuel approach, Theophostic prayer ministry, and – most recently – HeartSync.

In my research as I was trying to search out reputable links for you, I found that if you Google these things, you will find articles that state that these prayer methods are unbiblical, New Age, not based on science, etc, etc. All I can say is, you will have to be the judge of that for yourself. I skimmed one of the articles attacking theophostic prayer ministry and feel like it’s basically the same tired scenario where someone is picking and choosing which Scriptures to base their arguments on, rather than the whole text of the Bible, and they don’t want to believe theophostic is biblical because, well, they just don’t want to. Period. So if you kind of want to check into some of these things but you’re worried about the clash of info out there, you’re going to have to take the bull by the horns and make that judgment call. (I do feel theophostic had its place and it is now phasing out as HeartSync is showing itself to be faster and less emotionally painful.)

As an aside, I would absolutely LOVE to have time to do an in-depth analysis on the main types of inner healing. I’d love to outline what each of them are, what the opponents say, and etc. I don’t currently have the time. But if you are the praying type, pray that one day I will.

I have honestly been hesitant to write about inner healing prayer ministry because there is a lot of misinformation out there, as well as outdated stuff that misrepresents what prayer facilitators really should be.  And I don’t feel like I can cover all of that in one blog post with my current life schedule. So if you look at any of my external links, please remember that.  Just like there are classic therapists out there who are unfamiliar with DID, or may have an intellectual understanding of it but no real clue how to actually WORK with a multiple effectively, the same is true for prayer facilitators. Just because someone calls themselves one or is posing as one doesn’t mean they’re legit.  Just because someone says they’re a Christian doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. So if you choose to explore the idea of working with one, make sure you check them out as thoroughly as you would any other therapist or psychologist. There are poorly trained prayer facilitators, just like there are poorly informed therapists. Doing things in the name of God doesn’t automatically exclude them from being capable of doing serious damage, no matter how good their intentions are.

So to reiterate, many things on many of the links are not quite accurate and may be out of date.  My hope has always been to get to a place where I don’t have to work full time hours at my day job, so I can spend more time writing. If that day ever comes, I want to open up a completely separate website to write about and explore all the Christian aspects of trauma recovery. As things are, I barely have time to manage THIS blog, so I don’t want to commit to another one. And I am reluctant to mix the two together because I’d rather have a place where people who specifically want Christian info can go, but if they don’t, they can just follow this blog and we will stick to general info that can help people no matter what they believe.

So that’s why I haven’t brought up much of these kinds of things before. I have included the following links as additional resources, but please be advised that I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse all of the information both in the direct link, or on any external link from these pages. They contain exclusively Christian content. Cheers. ~J8

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2 thoughts on “What is a Prayer Facilitator?”

  • 1
    Samira Claire on February 12, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for the info Jade. Hope you are well. C & M <3

  • 2
    Anonymous on February 19, 2016 Reply

    I received & trained in Theophostic for 16 years & received a lot of mind renewal & the biggest freedom I got was from inappropriate intense anger. & the person I would hurt the most is my husband. I was set free from that 10 years ago. This past year I received training in Heartsync & receive it for myself twice a month. It is helping me love & connect with all parts of my mind & heart but I am kind of stuck in a lie forced on me starting at 3 years old that I had to fear God loving me. This is really going slow right now but I have hope because I believe this is a core lie that all the inner healing prayer has been moving toward. I get discouraged with the time it is taking, but thankful to connect with & love all my little ones who have lived in this place of torment & fear for so many years. I pray that eventually that mine & God’s love with cast out this fear.

    I am glad you shared this on your blog. Inner healing prayer is the only thing that has helped me.

    Are you ok with telling me which inner healing prayer approach you are receiving?

    I am praying that God will show those of us doing inner healing prayer faster ways for us to be set free from the lies & pain that was forced on us when we were so innocent & vulnerable

    I love & appreciate your transparency & loving heart,

    Faye Russell

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