How to Throw TBMC Imagery In People’s Faces, Hollywood Style

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How to Throw TBMC Imagery In People’s Faces, Hollywood Style

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but today I’m going to do an in-depth music video analysis to highlight the in-your-face TBMC programming that runs throughout just about every f-ing product created by Hollywood nowadays. I don’t usually bother with stuff like this, mostly because my buddy over at Power of Deception does it much much better (although I think she stopped writing 🙁 ), and somewhat because everything from Hollywood is bullshit and after awhile I get bored of noticing the same things over and over.

But today I’m going to do this analysis. For several reasons. 1) Because it’s fascinating and interesting, the redundancy notwithstanding, at least for culture/subliminal messaging geeks like me. 😉 2) Because for whatever reason (the alignment of the stars, having burnt out to the end of my [inappropriately long] fuse, etc), this video pissed me off beyond words and I have trouble stuffing it. 3) People need to know that this bullshit coming from Hollywood actually does mean something, and it’s not good, and it’s never going to change – they’re never going to stop – as long as we keep giving it our money and time. And 4) I tend to think things that I know are common knowledge, but then I come to find out – majorly confused face – actually, they are not. So even though sometimes it feels weird to me, I need to write stuff that I believe people probably already know because there’s a good chance that they really don’t.

And probably a bunch of other reasons I can’t adequately write without more expletives, so let’s get on with it.


*******TRIGGER WARNING********  This is a post about TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL (TBMC) and PROGRAMMING. Specifically Alice in Wonderland, and all the cues and triggers that are involved with this video, that programming script, and TBMC in general. DON’T READ THIS if you’re sensitive to that stuff. You have my compassion and sympathy, and I’ll write something more benign next time. Skip the post if it’s going to cause problems for you. Please and thanks. Here’s some blank space to hide what I’m going to write while you decide whether to stay or go. If you decide to stay, scroll for a bit. C’mon, it’ll be fun.








La la la












La la la














Okay, you made it. Today, we are analyzing this lovely monstrosity of an attempt at a music video. Feel free to either watch it beforehand, or skip the previewing and jump straight to my screenshot analyses underneath. I am going to try to limit my curse words in this post…well…wait…actually maybe no. No, I’m not. This whole fucking thing just pisses me off. They’re not even trying to act like they’re not doing what they’re doing anymore. They’re throwing it in our damn faces. It pisses me off SO, SO much. Maybe after you’re done reading you will understand why.

As you can see, the video is one of the new music hits, performed by P!nk, from the new Alice in Wonderland movie, Through the Looking Glass. It is a well-known and well-established fact that the story of Alice in Wonderland (AIW, henceforth in the post) is a common programming style or script.

I started off discussing this video online with some friends, and it was a really fascinating convo. I really enjoy delving into nuances and speculating about what filth Hollywood might be trying to say as opposed to what other filth they might be trying to say. 😉 In the end, all I can offer is my own opinion based on the limited info I already know about programming. I also like to provide research to back up my opinions, not because my interpretations are necessarily right on all points (questionable), but so that you can go look things up and come to your own conclusion if you want to. There are people out there who know more about this stuff than me, and there may even be people out there who are not guided by their pessimistic filters (LOL). So if you want to further your reading and wade into the muck on your own, here you go. Just assume massive trigger warnings on all links in this post.

All right, let’s just dive in, shall we. I would offer to try to contain my sarcasm, but I can’t at this point. It’s not possible – physically, literally, metaphorically, ergonomically… anyway. Here we go. By the way, you can click on each of these pictures and it will enlarge them. That will probably be helpful. I don’t know how to make them large in the actual post, and WP is a punk sometimes so I’m not going to try to fix that right now. So click to examine the screenshots at a larger size.

First of all, I believe this whole video is either telling the story of P!nk splitting off and programming another alter, or it’s telling the story of initiating P!nk’s daughter into the TBMC slave industry. The little girl in the video is hers, I think. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) In researching for this video I discovered that her daughter was born in June 2011, so she is 5 as of this writing. Which means 6 is coming up. 6 is always a significant age for TBMC slaves, so it makes sense that they would be exposing her to this kind of thing – all along, but more heavily as she approaches the magic age of 6. It’s kind of hard to say which of those story lines I mentioned is the one for the video (and it could very well be neither, but those are my best guesses) – and I won’t ever know for sure. I’ll just tell you why I propose those possibilities, as you read, and you can decide what you think.


We start with this dude saying “Baby, do you want some tea?” as the opening credits roll. I tried to dig up some dirt on the director, Dave Meyers, but I couldn’t find anything overtly stated that tied him with the big wigs. OH RIGHT, these people don’t OVERTLY say things. That’s not their MO. Here’s a picture of the twinkly looking, smiling guy. I guess I’d be smiling too if I made that much money working with as many slaves as he does. And if money was the only thing that mattered in the world, which it’s not. He looks harmless enough right?


Yeah well. Here is his project list, courtesy of Wikipedia. Note all the other TBMC slaves and projects listed on there. Think he’s ignorant of all that goes on behind the scenes being a TBMC slave? I doubt it. But I couldn’t find any direct dirt on him so I’m not going to camp here.


Moving on…

So the guy, who I can only assume is supposed to be the character’s husband, lover, or person of interest in the video (we don’t really know, but assume he is someone close and/or trusted) gets no answer from the chick (P!nk) so he walks into the other room. She’s understandably distracted from talking about tea, or anything else, by all the blood rushing to her head from hanging upside down, spinning.


He’s dressed completely in black. I’ve watched this video approximately three thousand times to write this blog post and played with the idea that this guy is the programmer/handler. I haven’t come to a conclusion, but it’s possible he is supposed to be the handler and the “Want some tea?” question is the trigger phrase (or cue) that sends her into Wonderland. These videos are cryptic to their very core, but those are possibilities.

So then we see P!nk herself, hanging upside down and spinning. Great, we start the video with upside down spinning. Dissociated already, much? Note the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling checkerboard pattern (commonly used with programming) and the black leotard she appears to be wearing, as the camera angle starts tilting.


And the lyrics, courtesy of AZ Lyrics:

I know that I’m running out of time, I want it all, mmm mmm/

And I’m wishing they’d stop tryna turn me off, I want it on, mmm mmm

This could be about the fact that she’s getting older, and most slaves are utilized mainly when they’re young and fresh; is she aging out of her usefulness? This is why a lot of stars seem to inexplicably go “crazy” in their 40’s or 50’s and just suddenly “commit suicide” or “accidentally” overdose when they’re way too young to die natural deaths. They have outlived their usefulness, so the powers that be decided to ax them. Talk about ingrates. P!nk’s thigh tattoo is quite visible in this shot too, and it’s a Japanese dragon. A DRAGON. I’m just saying. K next.

As she spins upside down, she sings

And I’m walking on a wire, trying to go higher/ Feels like I’m surrounded by clowns and liars/ Even when I give it all away, I want it all, mmm mmm 

All programming concepts; most people who are intentionally programmed via Dissociative Identity Disorder have “levels” in their internal world that are geographically higher and lower. Each level contains different types and numbers of alters. Some visualize moving through the levels via elevator or stairs or whatever other means their handlers embed into their programming. Clowns are used in programming, and obviously everything the handlers do to their victims are based on lies. Lies about the world, the victim, what’s really going on, etc.


So then in the video she flips right-side up and spins some more, getting faster (spinning= a technique to get people to dissociate) while the lyrics chant

We came here to run it, run it, run it / We came here to run it, run it, run it

Who’s “we”?  You and the Illuminati? Your alter system?  What is “it”? The world?  The ceremony? She could be talking about her alter system being here to run this initiation (of her daughter into the TBMC industry), or she could be talking about the group she thinks she’s part of that’s supposed to be taking over the world and controlling the public opinion of the masses. It’s hard to say.

Oh look, a blue Monarch butterfly comes flittering in, toward a little girl that suddenly appears, sitting in front of a mirror. What a coincidence. PSYCH, no it’s not. Monarch programming dates back to the Nazis and their experimentation on Holocaust victims. This little girl could represent her real daughter, who she’s about to betray and induct into the TBMC fast-track-to-stardom-and-misery, or it could be a little girl alter that she just split into from all the spinning in the checkerboard room after her programmer lover asked if she wanted some tea. Of course, it could also be neither of those. It could all just be coincidence, because Hollywood likes butterflies and chess. Shrug.


Of course the cute little girl – who is obviously blonde and blue-eyed, as is predictable – is all happy because she has no idea of the torment and inescapable hell that awaits her. Either that or she’s already compartmentalized it, which is actually the more likely of the two thoughts. Note that the little girl has pink streaks in her blonde hair. This is significant. It either means that she represents a child alter of P!nk herself, or is seen as an extension of P!nk by being her offspring, and pink hair is also symbolic of TBMC’s sex slave alters. No, it’s not just a cute little hair trend that originated from who knows where. This is where it came from; the Betas in TBMC slaves’ DID systems. So there’s that. Anyway, the butterfly seems to play with her for a second and then leads her to the mirror behind her, while her proud momma swings on her swing and looks on and sings

Just like fire, burning up the way/ If I can light the world up for just one day/ Watch this madness, colorful charade/ No one can be just like me anyway/ Just like magic, I’ll be flying free/ Imma disappear when they come for me/ I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?/ No one can be just like me anyway

Yeah. You’re a real original. You and all the other thousand TBMC slaves, and, or, you and all your other thousands of alters. The lyrics suggest that she knows it’s a charade but then she chooses to disappear and fly free when they come for her – as in, withdraw into her internal landscape and send out another alter to take the pain for her. That is my interpretation of those lines, but I could be wrong. It sounds to me like she is creating more personas at their command. OR, if we go with the theory that she’s initiating her daughter into the industry, she may be metaphorically “passing the baton” to her offspring, handing the legacy of torture down to her progeny to be continued with the next generation. Super sad, but possible.

Back to the video…

The butterfly enters the mirror at the girl’s face, effectively blurring out her face. MMM–hmm. No symbolism there at all. Oh, wait. Yep, she’s about to lose (or abandon) her sense of self. Butterflies symbolize the feeling of floating or flying when you’re being tortured by electric shock, by the way. So do feathers. It represents being electroshocked almost to unconsciousness. You start to leave your body a little bit. You feel very light and light headed. If you’re smart, you dissociate. If you’re not, or you can’t, sometimes you die. Cheery stuff. The little girl even appears to flinch, when the butterfly touches her image. Don’t worry, darling, this won’t hurt a bit. (That might be a lie.) The little girl is also wearing a cute little flowery dress, which (IMO) symbolizes her innocence/individuality up to that point.


So of course the little girl follows the butterfly through the mirror into Wonderland.

Technically, they’re mixing metaphors here, a little bit. Done more properly, she would be following a white rabbit into Wonderland. I don’t know why they omitted the white rabbit from this video. Maybe it would make sense if I saw the movie or was more intimately familiar with all the storylines of the originals. I don’t know. If you have a guess or theory, chime in. I guess you can’t always be at the top of your game when you’re shocked out of your mind, or working for people who do that to other people, so what do you expect. But damn. If you’re going to f*ck with people, get it right. Anyway…

At this point P!nk sees that the little girl has entered another world, you know, through the looking glass, so she decides get down from her ceiling hangout and join her. Bad, bad idea. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. Speaking of cats, Chessy is also conspicuously missing from this video – which seems strange to me because of all the symbolism represented by cats and kittens in TBMC slaves. But like I said, it’s hard to get every single thing lined up right when your brain is intentionally crafted into Swiss-cheese-like particles, so I’ll cut them another break on that one.

So as soon as P!nk enters Wonderland she’s on a giant chessboard, dressed in some kind of red uniform. I could be mistaken but I believe this is the outfit of the guy who is friends with the Red Queen in the movie – the executioner maybe? I think that’s his name. I’m not sure if it’s his name or just his title. But he does what the name implies that he does, whenever the Red Queen tells him to do it. So swallow that one in terms of where we’re at, with this video. When she gets to Wonderland she’s surrounded by the two opposing teams of chess pieces on the chessboard, although they’re all technically her in various costumes, representing the duality and shattered state of her mind. The little girl runs by again, still chasing the butterfly, in a pink princess dress this time (yay for upgrades), while P!nk engages in some conflict with her various selves on the chess board. The little girl could be yet another new alter, trying to make a quick exit to another level to get away from the pain and torture, or it could represent her real daughter that P!nk is guiding through the process of becoming a TBMC slave. Seeing as how she’s dressed as the executioner, it could be either. She could now be posing as the perpetrator, because all TBMC – from Hollywood or otherwise – involves betrayal by the victim’s most trusted caregiver or friend or lover or confidante. So it would be most effective if it was her mother, and it often is. Because what better way to bond as mother and daughter than to undergo torture and electric shock from her?


Lots more spinning. Like tons of spinning. WE GET IT, HOLLYWOOD. Geez. Spinning. Got it.

P!nk sings

And people like to laugh at you cause they are all the same, mmm mmm/ See I would rather we just go a different way than play the game, mmm mmm/ And no matter the weather, we can do it better/ You and me together, forever and ever/ We don’t have to worry ’bout a thing, ’bout a thing

As all these white and black pawns and people representing the knights (I guess) and other chess pieces spin some more on the chess board and circle around the P!nk in the red uniform. She looks first to the black team. I’m a little rusty on my chess piece trivia but I believe the figure that approaches her is the king and she kind of offs him just by looking at him. (Talk about “if looks could kill.”) But I might not be seeing that correctly. Then we see what looks like the queen, angry that the king got taken out, and a crazy one out of focus as the camera pans, though I’m not sure what chess piece it’s supposed to be (trauma based multiples often have parts programmed to be “the crazy one” that will be triggered forward in certain situations to just freak people out by their behavior, to put people off or scare or overwhelm or confuse the therapist, etc). The camera is panning from the black pieces over to the white, but in between we see a piece that’s both black AND white. To me this is symbolic of the progression of the internal struggle. Groups of alters in DID systems are often polarized against each other; specifically pitted against each other on purpose to ensure that the victim never resolves the internal conflicts and finds healing or peace.


A black pawn rushes over and takes out the dual black-and-white piece, which might be their way of saying that P!nk as the executioner has taken control of the black team and is now using them to do what she wants. (Keeping in mind, these are all “her,” in alter form.) People with DID are at war with themselves – at least initially – as much as, or more, than they are at war with anyone on the outside.

More spinning by the executioner P!nk as everyone on the chessboard chants the chorus

We came here to run it, run it, run it/ We came here to run it, run it, run it

Just like fire, burning up the way/ If I can light the world up for just one day/ Watch this madness, colorful charade/ No one can be just like me anyway/Just like magic, I’ll be flying free/ Imma disappear when they come for me/ I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?/ No one can be just like me anyway


Note that all the pieces on the chessboard’s eyes are either covered, or partially covered, representing the fact that the proverbial wool is pulled over their eyes and they cannot see what’s really happening to them. They’re deceived.


So then this lovely jewel of a chess piece pushes executioner P!nk and she “falls up” (because up is down, down is up, black is white, everything is reversed in programming) through a dimension (gotta watch those…slippery little suckers) to the mad tea party, which is actually suspended in the air – more symbolism for dissociation and going to a different level in the system. Note the change in outfit and the change in the cast of characters. There are jewels pinned to her lapel, which could possibly represent some jewel programming scripts, but when that’s the case the jewels are usually way more blatantly obvious in the wardrobe selection. Still…it’s possible. Anyway. She is now a different persona and in a different location.


Another little girl is there, who appears to be having the time of her life. (Because who wouldn’t, when dangling from a tree wearing weird clothes and singing a rap song with pink hair?!) And she’s wearing – surprise! – the exact same clothes as her mom. So she represents P!nk, either by way of being another alter or because she represents her real little girl. She obviously has no clue what’s actually going on because she seems beside herself with glee (or maybe it’s the tea…the handler might’ve slipped her something on the down low). I don’t think it’s relevant here, but I do know that programmers will intentionally program some happy, apparently “normal” alters into a heavily traumatized system, just to balance things out. No sense in making every alter so dark and tormented that they off themselves because they can’t take the pain anymore and all that time and money spent on crafting the perfect slave system goes to waste. They have to even out the pain with something that will create a counterbalance and provide a cover-up to give the surface persona a delusion to help them stay alive. Like I said, I doubt that’s what’s going on here – I think the little girl is either clueless or just drugged out of her mind – but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway as a point of interest.


So now P!nk is rapping

So look I came here to run it/ Just cause nobody’s done it/ Y’all don’t think I can run it/ But look, I’ve been here, I’ve done it/ Impossible? Please/ Watch I do it with ease/ You just gotta believe/ Come on, come on with me

And you have to wonder if she’s asking for permission from her handlers to run her own life now (doubtful), or if she’s wanting a promotion to a higher position in the cult so she can “run” bigger projects, or if she’s referring to “running” the ceremony in which her daughter becomes one of them. Or something else. Feel free to weigh in. Then she says

Oh, what’s a girl to do? (What, what?)/ Hey, what’s a girl to do? (What, what?) about five thousand times – kudos to the songwriters for their originality on these lyrics – and I can’t help but think: “What’s a girl to do”?? Get the f*ck out of dodge, maybe? But let’s not get too crazy.

And you get this quick little glimpse of the Mad Hatter, which is sadly not Johnny Depp in this scene of the video (he must have been out of town, or perhaps over their budget). But this little knock-off version of Johnny Depp still looks appropriately deranged, I guess, for his 1.75 seconds of music video stardom. Shrug.


Just FYI, she’s got a feather on her hat. Probably not a coincidence, as mentioned earlier.


Then, unfortunately for P!nk, she falls through yet another dimension, this time for a prolonged period. Let’s just say she’s having a very bad day with this alter-programming-TBMC shit.


Shoulda worn a seatbelt, I guess. So now she’s falling for a very long time. Music videos have a quick pace, because they’re usually only 3-4 minutes long. So if they give an entire 4 seconds to showing you something, they’re making a point to show it to you. They want you to get it. She falls for 4 whole seconds. First she’s way up in the clouds away from all other people or objects or places.


Then she’s falling past the castle (wherein probably lives a whole different set of alters).


Then she’s falling into/through a tree with pink/purple leaves. Colors are often significant. There’s a programming script that utilizes colors too, although I can’t be sure if that’s relevant here. This particular video just seems like they’re trying to throw in every possible trigger and cue, just to be safe, so no one gets left out no matter what kind of programming they’ve had. So thanks for that. (And by thanks, I mean f*ck you.)


Finally, she stops here – but I mean stops; not lands. She doesn’t land. She’s hung, suspended, under the tree and above this little miniature field of flowers.


To me this could be her inability to completely come back to where her handler wants her, or it could be her refusal to come forward when they’re training another alter (the little girl) to come forward on command. Or training the real little girl. I don’t know. Because as you keep watching, this creepy dude shows up and we see the little girl hiding in the flowers. Which either means she fell, too, or she’s yet another little girl alter. (I’d hide, too, if any of the above were going on.)



I honestly don’t know who this guy is supposed to be. He looks a little bit like the man version of the black king that P!nk took out earlier on the chessboard, but I don’t really know. Maybe another alter? He has chains wrapped around his wrists and waist, representing the bondage he’s in. He takes the clock in his hand off the chain, and as the blue monarch butterfly flits through the screen again, he gives the clock to the little girl hiding in the flowers.




To me this looks like a figurative “passing the baton” from adult P!nk to the little girl. Meaning it’s now her turn to experience the joys of being a TBMC slave in the industry. But then again, there are many other people who know more about all this than I do.

By the way, at this point the main chorus of the song is just repeating.

After the man gives the girl her clock, adult P!nk appears to have a seizure. As if she’s being – surprise – electroshocked or some kind of awful thing is happening to her. IMO, this has been happening to her all along in reality, and she only went to Wonderland to try to escape the pain, and this is her starting to come back into the real world a little bit. They do tend to overlap each other at times, you know. Unfortunately for all involved.


When the little girl pokes her head out and sees P!nk writhing in mid-air, she quickly ducks back into the flowers and hides again.


Smart girl.

Then a wind seems to blow over the landscape and P!nk is jolted into yet another world – maybe, presumably – the “real” world, this time, where she is locked into a straitjacket and being manhandled by medical personnel.


As they try to subdue her a series of flashbacks runs across the screen with each scene only microseconds long. I actually had to get these screenshots from my phone because I could not capture them fast enough from a computer. So please excuse the frame elements. They went to the trouble of flashing this image (below) twice in the sequence; once at 3:25 and once at 3:28. It’s the typical one-eyed tribute. Representing the all seeing eye, or loyalty to Lucifer and the Illuminati.

2016-08-01 18.37.15

Then we see the real Johnny Depp Mad Hatter – again, all in microseconds. Then the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen, and some menacing something or other, maybe a fire-breathing dragon. Not really sure. Maybe I have to watch the movie to know what it is. I forget the exact order of all these.

2016-08-01 18.37.25



2016-08-01 18.47.29

2016-08-01 18.47.52

I think the point is to emphasize that she’s questioning her sanity/reality now, which is typical for TBMC survivors.

Snip20160802_37 Snip20160802_36

She also sees flashbacks of the other characters in Wonderland, as she fights the men trying to haul her away. It’s interesting to me that there’s a sign outside the door that says “Psychopathic Hospital,” rather than “Psychiatric Hospital.” I Googled “Psychopathic Hospital” and found that the first hospital to ever open under that name was in Boston in 1912. It was separated from the Boston Psychiatric Hospital and, if I read the facts right (which I may not have…I’ve been working on this post for over 3 hours now and it’s about 2 hours past my bedtime) the Psychopathic Hospital focused on experimenting scientifically with treatment of mentally ill patients rather than just custodial care. Which would be a good thing other than the fact that in 1912 people didn’t know shit about mental illness and most of their scientific “treatment” experiments consisted of more dehumanizing torture. But I digress.

Snip20160802_41 Snip20160802_44

At any rate, the ending scene is P!nk’s husband? Lover? Caregiver? Handler? Programmer? –somebody, signing her into the hospital, calling out “Love you babe,” as casually as if she was skipping off to Sunday School for an hour. Because stabbing someone in the back whose trust you worked really hard to gain is considered the crowning achievement of handlers/programmers everywhere, and just part and parcel of TBMC.

And again with the butterfly, which appears in the sky while they’re dragging her into the Psychopathic Hospital and follows her inside.



So, there you have it. Make of it what you will. I’m exhausted, and still pissed off, and I now have approximately 5 hours to sleep because I like to finish things that I start and I care about all y’all so I wanted to get this out there. This is how Hollywood just throws stuff in our faces these days without even bothering to try to hide it. As long as we keep giving them our money and attention, they’ll keep doing it. I’ll write a post soon about whether subliminal messaging actually works on us, when I have a chance to get to it. I don’t think they’d go to all the trouble of doing this if it didn’t, but then again, I create artwork centered around my personal and spiritual beliefs. So maybe this is just them doing that. Expressing themselves and their loyalty to the ongoing project of spitting in the face of the whole entire rest of the world. IDK. There’s also the convenience of using this imagery to keep a handle on those who are already programmed, even if it looks like nothing but gibberish to the rest of the population watching it.

Like I said, I don’t think I’ve ever done any kind of analysis of something like this because it tends to be the same recycled bullshit over and over and I get bored and pissy about it and don’t feel like it’s worth my time or attention. But I do hope that people start to gain information that can help them understand the messages that are out there. As examples, I don’t even need to watch certain videos; I already know what they’re going to have in them. When the cover image for the video is this


Or this


Or this


I mean please. I have better things to do than let Hollywood throw up on me all day, every day.

And on that note, I need to go give my brain the equivalent of a hot shower and scrubbing. I hope the post was helpful in some way. And all of it is just my opinion. That’s all. I could be wrong about all of it or some of it. There’s a lot I don’t know, and honestly, they pack so much into it that there may be a lot I missed. I had to watch the damn thing several trillion times to get the screenshots and remember all the info I wanted to write, and sometimes I noticed new things every time I went back over a scene. So this is what I have for now, and this is why I need a brain shower. Pray for me. I’m still pissed off. Cheers. ~J8

8 thoughts on “How to Throw TBMC Imagery In People’s Faces, Hollywood Style”

  • 1
    Anonymous on August 3, 2016 Reply

    I really appreciate all the work you did here. I don’t know much of anything about what Hollywood is doing because since childhood we’ve been totally isolated from music, TV, and movies. Zero. If we has seen that video, no doubt we would have freaked out. So if you have more to say on this and can tolerate it, we’d be interested. Your analysis seems on target. We think the child is probably being passed on. I’ve heard of Johnny Depp. Is he involved? It’s all so sick. Thanks for your post.

    • 2
      Jade on August 4, 2016 Reply

      Thanks for reading. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than, they’re pretty much all involved. Johnny Depp was mentioned here because he plays the Mad Hatter in the movie (although not in this music video) and I have no doubt he’s heavily into the occult stuff too. You can Google “Hollywood and mind control” or “Hollywood and TBMC” or similar terms and you’ll find a bunch of stuff. Just beware a lot of the info you’ll dig up if you do that can be disturbing.

  • 3
    Anonymous on August 3, 2016 Reply

    Jade, thank you for being an advocate for all of us who are DID.

    Love you and your heart of love,


    • 4
      Jade on August 4, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Faye <3

  • 5
    Jean on August 4, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for analyzing Pink’s White Rabbit. I would have picked up obvious things, but never as many as you did. I must say I don’t like the video, I don’t like the song, and I don’t like Pink. That’s putting it mildly.

    I hope you slept okay that night. That’s a long time to emerge yourself it crap like this.

    Several years ago I came across Grace Slick’s artwork. It was heart-breaking. 99% of it was all about “Alice in Wonderland” After all these years, she was still obsessed with it. I remember one of the White Rabbit, aged and with wrinkles, just like Grace, with her white hair. I couldn’t find the images I remember, but here is something pretty disturbing.

    • 6
      Jade on August 5, 2016 Reply

      Wow (to the link). AIW stuff doesn’t bother me because it wasn’t my script. I don’t think I had a specific script – at least not one based on one of the more common movies or stories used – so I can swim in these waters for awhile without too much damage. It DOES piss me off – as I noted many times 😉 because I know that this stuff affects many other people even if it doesn’t affect me in the same way. Although I’m not pissed off at the artists (if anything I feel really sad for them), I’m pissed at the ones in charge of the whole mess. I think this post probably contains the highest amounts of cuss words out of any of my posts. LOLOL

  • 7
    compassion4 on August 21, 2016 Reply

    Dear Jade,
    Years ago, a dear friend started pointing out programming in the world of magazines, tv and the like. I had no idea, most people don’t. I was devastated in some ways, especially with AIW, as it was such a favorite story. And then there is the Wizard of Oz. That everywhere. And since I learned how it was used, was so disgusted. And now, as years have passed, I continue to be amazed how many references I have found in my general reading over the years. (Amy Poehlers’s book is one I just read and refers to Dorothy). I am not sure all references have the ability to trigger, but some are triggered simply by the me tion of the characters name.
    Thanks for the time you took to write up the comprehensive review. Viligant Citizen has done a ton if work on pointing out programming in media as have many others in case there is additional interest. But honestly, I am sorry for the pain and frustration this brings to you and any survivor.

    • 8
      Jade on August 22, 2016 Reply

      Thank you for reading. 🙂 Yes, I have reviewed some of Vigilant Citizen’s info. It’s kind of like any other source; I think some of it is legit and then some of it I have a hard time swallowing. But I’m sure that can be said of anything I write, myself. There’s a quote by someone (I can’t remember who) that says something like, “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is doing is actually far worse.”

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