Fall has Fell

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Fall has Fell

Just a quick “FYI” to everyone that in America, fall is here. Fall and October can be a very very hard time for RA survivors and I am unfortunately not much of an exception to this. I AM doing quite a bit better than usual so far this year, which is a testimony to the healing and recovery that has taken place in my life. But I can still feel the chatter, the anxiety, and the confusion starting to gather at the edges. So I will do what I can in terms of blogging but I won’t do what I can’t. (Funny how that works.)

In case people missed the news, I started working on a novel a week or two ago and I’m about 25,000 words into it at this point. I’m actually (tentatively) excited about it. It’s shaping up to be sort of a DID/RA version of The Shack, if anyone has heard of, or remembers, that book. But I’m not making it overtly religious. Draw your own parallels but The Shack directly stated its religious stuff. I’m going to let people interpret my book the way they want to interpret it. –If I finish. And, if I publish. 🙂 Nothing is a guarantee. I’ll have to see how it goes. Sometimes it’s nice to write just for the pleasure of writing.

Also, I don’t have a ton of things to share that help me get through the fall and holiday season. October is usually harder for me than holidays, although they can sometimes be hard in their own ways. But I do have one big tip to share (other than, whatever the hell works…). Something I started doing several years ago when I was having a horrible time trying to make it through October, was to plan something fun in November. It had to be November because if it was too far away, it ceased to matter if I made it through October. And it has to be something worthwhile to me. The first year it was my first tattoo. I have bribed myself to do several hard things with tattoos since then so it’s not a novelty anymore, but pick something you’d really like or enjoy or want. That has been my best trick to make it through something really hard, like October.

I’m thinking of you all, and I’m “with” you.

Cheers. ~J8

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    Anonymous on October 9, 2016 Reply

    October isn’t as difficult as in the past. Years ago the first day it rained after the leaves changed colors I would start crying & cry all day long. A couple of days before October 31 I hibernate & sometimes plan a trip out of town. Definitely don’t participate in giving out candy. I live in a neighborhood where every kid in Fairview comes to our neighborhood. We moved here 7 years ago & there are so many cars bringing children in it is difficult to get in or out of our neighborhood. God has a sense of humor to position me in the Halloween capital of tricker treaters. Each year I hope it will get better & some years are better than others.

    Oh & get this. My Mother’s birthday is October 31. She did a lot of evil things to me, so I get a double whammie. I am thankful the whole month isn’t a month of constant dissociation anymore. It only lasts a couple of days now.

    I always pray for everyone who was abused in SRA rituals & especially those going through it now.

    Blessings & an abundance of grace to all of you who get triggered during this time.

    Faye Russell

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    beautifuldreamer on October 9, 2016 Reply

    Congrats on the novel! I’ve been working on a DID one too though I’m a little blocked right now. I love that yours is like a DID/RA version of The Shack. I hope you’ll keep us updated on when it gets finished, and published. I suppose there’s a good reason there aren’t many DID novels out there, but sure wish there were more of them.

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