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Well, I’m blogging semi-anonymously.  So a detailed “About” page would be counter-productive.  The bare bones:  I am multiple.  I am female.  I like to write.  Although I’m pre-retired* from quite a few things, I do not have a degree, and I’m not a professional anything, so nothing I write should be taken as professional OR medical advice. I’m very well-educated and I have a lot of life experience, and those are my only qualifications. This blog is about the experience of recovering from Satanic Ritual Abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder (polyfragmented), and disorganized attachment. I am a Christian, although I try not to make every post about that, because I understand how victims of this type of abuse could have a hard time finding their way back to the real Jesus. I struggle with that as well, so I understand, and I also don’t want to exclude readers who are not Christians. Most of my posts are not directly about those things. I am also fairly functional at this point in my journey; I work full-time, live on my own, and maintain a social life. This wasn’t always possible, but I’ve come a long way (baby…JK). 😉 If you’re dying to know something beyond these things, send me a message and I’ll think about answering it.  Hell, I might make a blog post out of it.  So be sweet.  ~J8






























*Wow, you really wanted to know, didn’t you?!  🙂  “Pre-retired” is a term I made up, and it’s where you retire BEFORE you actually do the thing.  So in my case, I’m a pre-retired dancer, sheep wrangler, FBI detective, veterinarian, professional musician, Rubix cube champion, AND chef!  See how that works?!  (see also: underachiever; see also: procrastination; see also: inventive linguist)

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    Sam Ruck on June 13, 2014 Reply

    I couldn’t find that article you mentioned: DID as an attachment issue. Could you give me a link??

  • 3
    ridicuryder on December 1, 2014 Reply


    I’m a semi-retired belly dancer who is working on linguistic acrobatics credentials, but I’ll probably wind up just forging the certification. I should also tell you right up front I have a tendency to be goofy and light in response to trauma and abuse stories…Emergency RN for 17 years with a thick overgrowth of gallows humor, but you might get some sensitivity or an interesting contribution out of me at times.

    I also find run-on sentences charming.

    Also, I don’t want to try out-multiplying you, but I’m everyone (on paper).

    Still wanna play?


  • 4
    talktoj8 on December 1, 2014 Reply

    Sure…why not. Carpe diem, YOLO, or insert your favorite idiom here.

  • 5
    trablog on December 8, 2014 Reply

    haha.. you played that mind game well 😀 Good to meet you inventive linguistic 🙂

  • 6
    Jaime G on December 12, 2015 Reply


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