Blog History

I think I originally started writing this blog just as a place where I could expound at length on the experience of Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) and trauma recovery, for the benefit of some friends who wanted to understand more about what life is like as a multiple.  It kind of morphed from there.  As I gained readers and interacted more with people with some similarities in background, the blog became more multi-purpose.

I do still hope and desire for it to give non-multiples insights as to what things are like, but as I state (probably annoyingly) often in my posts, every multiple is different.  So there’s only so much I can tell you until it reaches a point where individual systems are going to differ.  The absolute best way to find out what it’s like for a multiple is to get to know them and their system.  Their experiences and situations are going to be very different from mine.

This can be understood from the angle that even if you had 10 identical vases and dropped them all from the same height onto the same surface, they’re all going to shatter differently. So the best and only way to find out anything specific is to ask.  There are some generalities that can be made about D.I.D. and SRA – namely that they’re nightmarish, complex, and arduous to try to heal from – but beyond that, each system is its own.

So that’s how the blog started, and that’s how and why it morphed. I think the core motivation won’t ever change; to provide information that will help those in recovery, whether the actual survivors, or the ones trying to provide the help.  Cheers. ~J8

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