J8 in the Media

Here are some other media appearances you may be interested in!




What I Wish the Church Knew About My Mental Health on Redemption Pictures – May 7, 2015







What I Wish the Church Knew About DID on Shattered magazine – March 30, 2016



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I, the Many; We, the One on radio Adelaide – September 18, 2015 (radio documentary)



5 Ways to Love Someone with a Big Story Blog



5 Ways to Love Someone With A “Big Story” on Equipping Godly Women – April 20, 2016










Meet Jade on Amy Oestreicher’s #LoveMyDetour campaign – April 27, 2016



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I was honored to write a guest post, When Survivors of Ritual Abuse or Other Forms of Extreme Abuse Need Medical Care, for my friend Jeanne Riseman at Ritual Abuse on WP – live on June 21, 2016








This post was for my friend Abbie at SideReal Catalyst #DCfC, Dissociative Identity Disorder – August 9, 2016






This post is a longer version of an article I previously wrote for Shattered magazine. Demons Or Something Else – February 6, 2017