Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband (or interested applicants):

Here are some principles that will make the selection process easier for both of us. These particular things are non-negotiable.  (Except maybe the part about zombies. I will let you do a more detailed skill analysis later in the interview, if we ever get to that point. 😉 But in the meantime, please consider the following.)

If you can’t out-think me, out-joke me, or out-give me (or at least make it respectably close to a tie), you probably can’t handle me.  🙂

For dating purposes, I am not really a chocolates, flowers, and movies kind of girl.  I’m more of a tattoo-gift-certificates, oil changes, and Fender acoustics type of girl.

Excuses are for wusses.  My legal, given name means “truth,” and this has been my life’s purpose, the reason and motivation for my existence. When I die, it will be my life’s work and my legacy. If you don’t want truth, if you don’t love truth, if you don’t hunger for truth in the depths of your being, it’s not that I won’t like you, it’s just that I’m not sure how long our paths could possibly overlap.

If you’re willing to say “yes” to Jesus, no matter what He says or asks, I will be saying “yes” too, so maybe, IF He allows, we can do this together.  Just remember:  I’ll race ya.  And by the way, what is that very interesting-looking thing over there?  (Bye!) 😀

When it comes to marriage, I’d rather have a down payment on a house than a really expensive engagement ring and wedding.  I’m just practical like that.  However, if you buy me a puppy as part of your proposal, you get Future Husband Bonus Points x 100,000. Redeemable after said puppy is housetrained and has completed basic obedience training…hahahaha.  (Just kidding.)  (Kind of.)

We will own Nerf guns. The end.

I am a Quality Time person and an INFJ. Brownie points if you have even the first clue what those things mean.

I don’t generally stand around waiting on guys to “save” me from stuff, so in an emergency, be quick, or get out of the way.

In conclusion, there really is no conclusion here. Just writing an open-ended document that I’ll probably add to, delete from, erase, re-post, and obsess over constantly until I can’t even sleep anymore and turn into a zombie who occasionally writes blogs. A zombie blogger.


If zombies, you want me on your team. Trust me on this.

Cheers. ~J8

8 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband”

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    trablog on December 8, 2014 Reply

    Quite interesting!

  • 2
    Brother Jon on December 17, 2014 Reply

    ISTJ here. Way to go on being in the top 1%! or something like that.

    Zombies? I’m a lowly person without AMC, who has to wait until each October for Walking Dead to show up on Netflix. I probably need to fix this someday.

    Nice to meet you!

    • 3
      talktoj8 on December 17, 2014 Reply

      Likewise! I know a few ISTJ’s. I like most people but the ST’s are hard for me to understand. The ones I know, I’ve worked really hard to have good relationships with. I need the NF in there for me to really be on the same wavelength with someone else. I don’t have AMC either, or any cable at the moment. My zombie references come from specific movies and pop culture. Haha! Cheers.

  • 4
    Toni Boyer on June 25, 2016 Reply

    I love your letter and wish I could write like you do 🙂

    • 5
      Jade on July 1, 2016 Reply

      Aw, thank you!

      • 6
        naturluvr on August 29, 2016 Reply

        Love your spunk, honesty and creativity! What a great way to enhance the possibility of finding the right man for you . 😀 I am also INFJ.

        As far as zombies go, I have a very strong opinion. I believe the world is obsessed with zombies because the zombies are mirroring their souls. I believe most people ARE The Walking Dead. They are cut off from nature and their true selves. The TV shows and the movies they watch with zombies, murders, rapes, other violence, serial killers, are mirroring death, abuse, violence and disconnect within themselves. Some part of them is aware of this and keeps them distracted and busy with this outer terror and mystery, unable to see it has anything to do with them, personally. They are too distracted and up in their heads to make the connection.

        Before I became aware of the truth within me, I was a big fan of all of these type of shows, the scarier and more psychological thrilling, the better–specially when they were done well. I know now, the more unsafe and scared I kept myself (inner child selves), the less likely I was to hear or feel any of the burden I was carrying. This pretty much guaranteed I didn’t find out how much pain and grief I was carrying… until I was ready and willing to face the truth.

        Thank you for sharing your truths, Jade. And for writing, Dear Little Ones.My therapis,gave it to me to read while I was in session with her. It made me bawl my eyes out. It’s helping, along with other work, to get me in touch with cut off child parts of myself, to understand, to get to know them.

        Thank you!

        • 7
          naturluvr on August 29, 2016

          I don’t know why my writing shows up so thin in appearance. Maybe, because it’s my cell phone. (You are welcome to delete thus.)

        • 8
          Jade on September 3, 2016

          Thanks for commenting. I haven’t read this in a long time (it’s been a few years) but I actually don’t even watch The Walking Dead or anything like that. I play the game “Plants vs. Zombies” which is extremely benign and even a little bit cute; that’s about the most attention I’ve ever paid to zombies. But I was citing a cultural theme that was definitely popular for awhile. I have never thought that deeply about it but you’re probably right about some trends being a reflection of the souls of society. I think it’s just part of the agenda of the elite (via the media) to make society so desensitized to every possible thing that REAL violence, etc, doesn’t shock or motivate them to act, anymore.

          I’m glad DLO helped. I’m always grateful to find out it’s making a difference.

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