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The following links are not ALL specific to dissociation or DID. There are many other issues involved with dissociation, and there is a lot of overlap with diagnoses and symptomology and cognitive and emotional experiences. So some of these are about DID/dissociation, and some are more about fringe issues or related things.

Disclaimer:  I have not personally reviewed every single statement in every single resource linked here, nor do I necessarily agree with or endorse any or all of the opinions represented or expressed therein.  Some of these resources may be considered helpful to some people in some situations.  <Insert some more random formal-sounding stuff.>  Thanks for your understanding.

Remember, as you read, to keep yourself safe.  Some of the links may contain triggering material.  If you find this is the case, take care of yourself and stop reading if necessary.  Do what you need to do to orient yourself.  You can always come back to it later, or skip to the next resource.


End Ritual Abuse

MPD/DID Resources at Multiple Treasures

Some links that prove the validity of the existence of ritual abuse

Understanding Constancy in Relationship – a big one for some multiples (definitely big for us)

A blog post perfectly describing how someone with poor object constancy feels

Another blog post from someone with BPD that gives the sufferer’s perspective

Object constancy on Out of the Fog (a good personality disorder resource)

Lack of Object Constancy in BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a slightly different condition than D.I.D./multiplicity but it shares some similar features

“Hole in My Heart” – Attachment Disorder Healing

VERY geeky, technical article about object constancy (I couldn’t get through it, but you’re probably smarter than me)

Development of separate self in infants


Astraea’s Web – MPD/DID Glossary, Myths, etc

Fort Refuge Forum

From the Inside Out

Christian index of help for DID

The Biology of Trauma

The Layman’s Guide to Multiplicity

States of Being


PsychCentral – Dispelling Myths about DID

Candyce Roberts’ website (author of the book Help for the Fractured Soul)

A discussion of treatment issues for DID from a therapist’s perspective

DID controversy

Contemplating Controversies of DID

DID: An Analytical Overview

Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation Isn’t a Life Skill (Psychology Today)

ISSD: Resources for the Public 

Information about SRA from Religious Tolerance 

Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Causes, Symptoms, Help

An article from the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse discussing factors that may contribute to the development of DID in a child

Scholarly articles on trauma, abuse, and dissociation in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

An interesting article discussing repressed memory theories 

Ritual Abuse, Multiplicity, and Mind Control Information at

Multiple Personality as an Attachment Disorder

Digital Archive of Psychohistory Articles & Texts

The Neuropsychobiolocy of Addiction, Trauma and Dissociation

An article discussing False Memory Syndrome (Part One – follow the link on the page for Part Two)

False Memory Syndrome from The Skeptic’s Dictionary

False Memory Syndrome and the Brain (other links at the bottom of the article)

Into the Light: A Series on Abuse and the Church (Rachel Held Evans)

Tips for counselors, loved ones, and victims of sexual assault

Myths about Multiplicity at Collective Phenomenon

Why I Don’t Tell People I Was In A Cult

Christian-based Self-injury Information and Resources

DID on RAINN website (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)

various articles about dissociation and surrounding issues on Psychiatric Times

not sure how helpful it is, but here is another forum on DID called Reddit

this article explains a lot of the physical/chemical aspects of dissociation

theories about there being a difference between MPD and DID; ISH’s, and etc

if you like scholarly articles, feel free to geek out with this one

some thoughts from a “true believer” to consider

an article from Harvard that casts doubt on amnesic barrier

The Significant Other’s Guide To DID

Out of the FOG

A Brief Explanation of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Memory, Amnesia, and DID from JSTOR: Psychological Science

The Colin A. Ross Institute

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