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Jade Miller is a writer, blogger, and the author of the Dear Little Ones series.

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About Jade:

Jade Miller is a blogger, artist, SRA survivor, and member of a poly- fragmented DID system. She desires to bring education and awareness about the reality of SRA/DID to the public and increase number and availability of resources to survivors for healing.

Jade lives in the US and blogs primarily about topics related to trauma, dissociation, Dissociative Identity Disorder, attachment, and ritual abuse. She also plans to be trained in how to counsel and pray with SRA survivors in person so she can use her understanding and knowledge of SRA survivors’ issues in a face to face setting. She works with a local healing ministry that has a long and compassionate history of understanding DID.

Jade has experienced a very diverse life, from living on an agriculturally oriented farm to an inner city apartment to brief homelessness in her more turbulent younger years. She has been in various hospitals and treatment centers for a wide variety of mental health diagnoses since the age of 12 and is now, as an adult, living from a place of continually increasing health and joy. She wishes to use her experiences to help other people who struggle.